With the number of USFL teams reduced from 18 to 14 for the 1985 season, so many veteran players were made available that the need for a territorial draft was questioned by some within USFL circles.
The draft was conducted nevertheless, however, with each team entitled to select up to 25 players from its territorial schools list.
The Gamblers were to pay a $6 million franchise fee to the USFL, due in 4 installments over the course of a three year period.
The first was for $2.5 million, and was due by July 12, 1983.  The second was for $1 million and was due by June 1, 1984.
The third and fourth were for $1.2 and $1.3 million, respectively, and were due on June 1, 1985 and 1986.  It isn't public knowledge if these payments were ever made.

Player, Position College/University
Ron Anderson, LB Southern Methodist
Andrew Campbell, G Southern Methodist
Ray Childress, DT Texas A&M
Matt Darwin, C Texas A&M
Simon Fletcher, DE Houston
Kermit Foster, DT Texas A&M
Tyrone Graves, LB Texas A&I
Bruce Green, LB Texas Southern
Dale Hellestrae, T Southern Methodist
James Holmes, LB Houston
Bobby Leach, WR Southern Methodist
Mark Lewis, TE Texas A&M
Tom Linebarger, DT Southern Methodist
John Mazur, QB Texas A&M
Scott McLaughlin, G Rice
Audrey McMillian, DB Houston
Reggie Phillips, DB Southern Methodist
Ken Reeves, T Texas A&M
Rod Richardson, WR Texas A&M
Melvin Robinson, WR Rice
Thomas Sanders, RB Texas A&M
Mark Smith, T Texas A&I
Nate Steadman, G Texas A&M
Jimmy Teal, WR Texas A&M
Bryant Winn, LB Houston
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