For 1984, each of the USFL's six expansion clubs were entitled to select up to 30 players by means of the league's territorial draft.
By contrast, the twelve charter USFL franchises were allowed to select only 20 players each.
The Gamblers were also stocked via an expansion draft, in which they were required to select 3 players from each of the league's 12 original teams.
These 36 players, coupled with the 30 taken via the territorial draft, gave the team a sufficient base of talent to go into pre-season training camp in 1984.
The Gamblers were the second USFL expansion franchise announced, following the Pittsburgh Maulers.

Player, Position College/University
Fred Acorn, DB Texas
Mark Adickes, T Baylor
Mike Buchanan, DE Texas
Jerry Bullitt, LB Texas A&M
Rod Clark, DE Southwest Texas State
Mike Dunn, DB Southwest Texas State
Jeff Fuller, LB Texas A&M
Keith Guthrie, DT Texas A&M
Van Hughes, DT Southwest Texas State
Boyd Jones, T Texas Southern
Dave Jones, C Texas
Don Jones, WR Texas A&M
Lloyd Lewis, DE Texas A&I
Eugene Lockhart, LB Houston
Rick McIvor, QB Texas
Bobby Micho, TE Texas
Kenneth Peters, TE Texas
Allen Rice, RB Baylor
David Roberson, WR Houston
Tommy Robison, T Texas A&M
Mike Ruether, C Texas
Ricky Sanders, WR Southwest Texas State
Adam Schreiber, G Texas
Adrian Simpson, DB Southwest Texas State
Casey Smith, T Texas
John Walker, RB Texas
Dale Walters, P Rice
Jimmy Williams, WR Texas A&M
Lionel Wilson, QB Houston
Ray Woodward, DT Texas

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