Limited partnerships in Washington Football Partners, Ltd. could be had for a total commitment of $300,000 - $100,000 up front, with another $200,000 on demand if it was needed to continue running the team (and it was).
Federals games could be heard locally on WMAL-AM in Washington.
The diameter of RFK Stadium, home of the Federals, is 750 feet exactly.
The diameter of RFK Stadium, home of the Federals, is 750 feet exactly.
The Federals attendance was at times so bad that a pro soccer team, the NASL's "Team America," sometimes outdrew the Feds for fans.
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium today is the home of the Washington Nationals major league baseball team.

Berl Bernhard, who brought the USFL to the
nation's capital at what turned out to be the
absolute worst time to do so in almost
four decades. 

Bernhard's de-facto partners with the Federals.
The Feds franchise was owned by Washington
Football Partners, Ltd., whose general partner was
Capital City Sports Management, a joint venture
composed of D.C. Sports, Inc. (which, in turn, was owned by Bernhard, R. Robert Linowes and Ronald B. Natalie), M&H Sports, Inc. (owned by Milton Maltz and Carl Hirsch); and Pendin, Inc. (which was owned by David H. Pensky and Richard J. Hindin).
Simple, huh? 

1983 Washington Federals

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