The organizational structure of the Federals was the most befuddled in the USFL, with the franchise being owned by a limited partnership that was in turn owned by a joint venture that was operated by three different corporations.
Karen Randall held the title of "Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development," for example, but virtually no one outside the Feds organization knew exactly what a Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development did.
The title-happy days for the Feds ended after the 1983 season, when common sense began to prevail and people were given titles that more closely resembled their actual job in the organization.
James M. Gould was chosen as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Federals at only 33 years of age.  He initially was the President and General Manager of the Birmingham Stallions, but desired to work in the nation's capital and subsequently joined the Feds.
Within a year of joining the Federals however, Gould would leave the team, having seen the writing on the wall with respect to the direction in which the team was headed.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Berl Bernhard
General Partner Milton Maltz
General Partner R. Robert Linowes
General Partner Richard J. Hindin
General Partner Carl E. Hirsch
General Partner Ronald B. Natalie
General Partner David H. Pensky
General Partner Sidney J. Silver
President and Chief Operating Officer (1983) James M. Gould
Executive Vice President and General Manager Dick Myers
Vice President of Administration Rita Nelson
Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development (1983);
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (1984)
Karen Randall
Vice President of Marketing and Operations Cal Levy
Head Coach and Vice President (1983) Ray Jauch
Assistant Vice President of Marketing (1983);
Director of Marketing (1984)
Gordon Davenport, Jr.
Assistant Vice President of Tickets and Ticket Sales Thomas M. Korpiel
Head Coach (1984) Dick Bielski
Director of Media Relations Rick Vaughn
Director of Player Personnel (1983) Mike Faulkiner
Director of Player Relations Terry Metcalf
Director of Promotions and Sales Diana S. Mergen
Director of Special Projects Laura Bartlett
Executive Director of Cheerleaders and Show Troupe Cathy Hagerty
Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel (1984) Charles Garcia
Assistant Vice President of Operations Mike Rodelius
Trainer Frank Rice
Equipment Manager Karl Davey
Assistant Trainer and Equipment Manager Gerry Schwille
Assistant Equipment Manager David Thompson
Secretary to the General Manager Sharon Rich
Secretary to the Head Coach Dava Ansell
Team Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Rankin
Internet Dr. Joseph A. Quash
General Counsel Howell Begle
Assistant General Counsel Doug Steenland
Assistant Ticket Manager and Ticket Sales Andy Bernhard
Administrative Assistant and Office Manager Susan Sullivan
Administrative Assistant Mary Baldwin
Receptionist Kim Grover
Senior Consultant H. Stuart Knight
Secretary Maray Sotak

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