The Federals as well as the other 11 charter members of the USFL were entitled to select up to 26 players via a "Territorial Draft."
The Territorial Draft wasn't a true draft in the sense of the word - teams simply sent their list of players to the Commissioner's office, and the USFL rights to those players were assigned to the selecting club. 
Each team had a designated list of five colleges and universities to choose players from.  In the Feds case, the list included Clemson, Maryland, Virginia, Richmond, and South Carolina.

Player, Position College/University
Cliff Austin, RB Clemson
Dan Benish, DE Clemson
Gary Brown, G Clemson
Gurnest Brown, DT Maryland
Brian Butcher, G Clemson
Rod Caldwell, DT Maryland
Pat Chester, DB Virginia
Mike Corvino, DT Maryland
Bubba Diggs, TE Clemson
Mark Duda, DT Maryland
Andy Headen, LB Clemson
Homer Jordan, QB Clemson
Terry Kinard, DB Clemson
Frank Magwood, WR Clemson
Bob Mayberry, T Clemson
Jeff McCall, RB Clemson
Chuck McSwain, RB Clemson
Mike Muller, LB Maryland
Dave Pacella, T Maryland
Andrew Provence, DT South Carolina
Johnny Rembert, LB Clemson
Rich Scherer, TE Richmond
Harry Skipper, DB South Carolina
David Sullivan, T Virginia
John Tice, TE Maryland
Dan Triplett, LB Clemson

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