Compared to other USFL clubs, the L.A. Express had relatively little turnover in its player personnel during the team's three years.
Of the 50 players that composed the team's 40-man roster and 10-man developmental squad in the team's maiden 1983 season, 11 would be around to see the start of the 1985 Express campaign.
The Los Angeles Express played in pro football's longest game ever, a USFL Divisional Playoff Game against the Michigan Panthers.
The game lasted over 93 minutes of playing time, and was won by the Express, 27-21.
The Express would be knocked out of the 1984 playoff the following week by the Arizona Wranglers.
For the Michigan Panthers though, it would be the team's final game in the USFL, as the Michigan franchise was merged with the Oakland Invaders for 1985. 
Some abbreviated the Los Angeles Express name down to the three-letter symbol "LAX."
LAX today is better known as a three-letter abbreviation for the sport of lacrosse.
The league takeover of the team following the 1984 season resulted in the team paring expenses in any way humanly possible.
The league, in search of a buyer for the club once J. William Oldenburg abandoned it, refused to allow the Express to sign new players onto its roster, even to replace injured ones.
Early on in the 1985 season, USFL Commissioner Harry Usher visited the Express to give them an update on the team's status.
Usher told the team that their contracts would be guaranteed through the end of the 1985 season - in essence, that they were all being released (in the case of the players) or fired (in the case of the coaches) once the season was over.
The Express had been in danger of folding after the 1984 season, but Usher persuaded the USFL's owners to finance the operation of the team through 1985 in order to preserve the league's contract with ABC television.
The contract required the USFL to have franchises in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles media markets.
With the Chicago Blitz having ceased operations after the 1984 season, Usher felt the USFL was already in breach of its contract with ABC, and while ABC didn't seem to find the loss of the Blitz particularly devastating, losing the Express along with them would almost certainly trigger a termination clause in the ABC deal.
The owners reluctantly gave Usher permission to operate the club on behalf of the league for 1985 while he sought an owner for the franchise.
Usher ultimately was unsuccessful in finding a buyer for the Express, and thanks to the reckless spending of J. William Oldenburg the team lost millions of dollars in 1985.
The losses were, per league rules, equally imposed on each of the league's remaining franchises.  Usher nearly lost his job over keeping the Express alive.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984 1985
Abbott, Vince K Cal State Fullerton X - -
Ahica, George DT Southern California X X X
Adickes, Mark T Baylor - X X
Alapa, Clifton DE --- X - -
Alexander, Robert RB West Virginia - - X
Allen, Anthony WR Washington X X -
Allen, Carl C --- X - -
Aupiu, David LB --- X - -
Barefield, John LB --- X - -
Barnett, John RB --- X X -
Boddie, Tony RB Montana State X X X
Broomeli, Brian QB --- X - -
Brown, Reggie RB Oregon - X -
Burleson, Alvin DB Washington X - -
Byers, Scott DB Cal State Long Beach X - -
Campbell, Leroy WR Sonoma State - - X
Carson, Howard LB Howard Payne - X X
Cattage, Ray DE Washington - - X
Coppens, Gus T UCLA X X -
Cornelius, Pat T --- X X -
Crouch, Terry G --- - X -
Croudip, David DB --- X X -
Davis, Anthony RB Southern California X - -
Dimler, Rich DL Southern California X - -
Doubiago, Dan T Utah - - X
Drane, Dwight S Oklahoma - X X
Durrette, Mike G West Virginia X X X
Edwards, Dennis DE Southern California X X -
Ellis, Ricky TE Cal State Fullerton X X -
Faalafua, Wayne T Brigham Young X - -
Fields, Greg DE Grambling X - -
Fields, Mike T --- X - -
Filaga, Junior NG --- X - -
Fisher, Ed G Arizona State - - X
Foote, Chris C Southern California - X -
Forte, Dewey C --- - X -
Fox, Mike DB San Diego State X X -
Franey, Jerome LB San Diego State X - -
Gray, Mel RB Purdue X X X
Gunn, Duane WR Indiana - X X
Haines, Kris WR Notre Dame X - -
Harrington, LaRue RB Norfolk State X X -
Harris, Michael WR --- X - -
Hart, Jeff T Oregon State - X X
Haslip, Wilbert RB --- X - -
Hayes, Vister WR --- X - -
Henderson, Wymon CB Nevada - Las Vegas X X X
Hersey, David RB Tulsa - X X
Higgins, John CB Nevada - Las Vegas - - X
Hosea, Bobby DB --- X - -
Howard, David LB Cal State Long Beach - X X
Hudson, Gordon TE Brigham Young - X X
Jenkins, Fletcher DE Washington - X X
Jensen, Russ QB Cal Lutheran X X X
Johnson, Denver T --- X X -
Jones, Wayne G Utah X X X
Justin, Tyrone DB Cal State Fullerton X X -
Kennard, Derek G Nevada - Reno - X X
Lesnik, Ivan DT Arizona - X -
Loberg, Greg C California - X X
Long, Darren TE Cal State Long Beach - X -
Lowell, Gary WR Oklahoma - X X
Lukens, Joe G Ohio State - - X
Lute, Dann LB North Carolina State X X -
Mack, Kevin RB Clemson - X -
Martin, Ed LB Indiana State - X -
Mitchell, Aaron DB --- - X -
Melontree, Andy LB Baylor - - X
Moore, Malcolm WR Southern California - X -
Moran, Eric T Washington X - -
Moser, Greg WR --- X - -
Moten, Gary LB Southern Methodist - - X
Murphy, Phil T --- X - -
Nelson, Kevin RB UCLA - X X
Norman, Tommy WR Jackson State - X -
Norris, Sam LB --- - X -
O'Neal, Kenny TE Idaho State - - X
Orange, Rickey LB --- X - -
Partridge, Jeff P Washington - X X
Pattillo, Darrell CB Cal State Long Beach - - X
Philyaw, Charles DE --- X - -
Pitcock, Charles G --- X - -
Rackley, David CB Texas Southern - X -
Rae, Mike QB Southern California X - -
Rakhshani, Vic TE --- X - -
Ramsey, Tom QB UCLA X X -
Rich, Danny LB Weber State X X X
Richardson, Grady TE --- X - -
Robinson, James DT Clemson - X X
Rose, Carlton LB Michigan - - X
Rudolph, Ben DE Cal State Long Beach - - X
Ruether, Mike C Texas - X X
Ruyle, Clay DE Stephen F. Austin - - X
Scoggins, Eric LB Southern California X - -
Scott, Edward CB Grambling - X X
Scott, Freddie WR --- - X -
Seawell, Ron LB --- X - -
Seurer, Frank QB Kansas - X X
Sherrod, Mike TE Illinois X X X
Smith, Allanda S Texas Christian - X X
Sparks, Robert DB --- X - -
Townsell, JoJo WR UCLA X X X
Truitt, John DE-LB Oklahoma - X -
Turner, Kevin LB Pacific - X -
Turner, Lonnie WR --- X - -
Ussery, Charles DT Southern California - X X
Walker, Glen P --- X - -
Warren, John DB Virginia Union - - X
Warren, Kirby RB Pacific - X X
Weaver, Eddie DT Georgia X X X
West, Doug LB --- - X -
West, Troy S Southern California - X X
White, Timmy WR Southern California - X -
Williams, Greg LB Washington X X -
Williams, Kevin WR --- X - -
Williams, Lee DT --- - X -
Wilson, Mike T --- X - -
Young, Steve QB Brigham Young - X X
Zendejas, Tony K Nevada - Reno - X X
Zimmerman, Gary C-T Oregon - X X

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