The Express inaugural game against the New Jersey Generals drew over 30,000 fans to the Los Angeles Coliseum.
It also drew television ratings on ABC that greatly exceeded the network's expectations, thanks at least in part to the professional debut of Herschel Walker.
The Express won the game, 20-15.
The Express also won the longest game in professional football history, defeating the Michigan Panthers, 27-21, in a contest that wasn't decided until over 93 minutes of game time had been played.
The game was a 1984 Western Conference playoff game, and unlike regular season games in the USFL, when the score remained tied after 15 minutes of overtime, the teams were required to keep playing until a winner was determined.
The colors of the Express were PMS 282 C Blue, PMS 877C Silver, PMS 194C Burgundy, and White.

Alan Harmon (L) and Bill Daniels,
cable television pioneers and original
owners of the L.A. Express

Original Express starting quarterback
Tom Ramsey, shown here with the
NFL's New England Patriots
On May 29, 1985, the Express hosted the Denver
Gold in a game reportedly attended by slightly
over 3,000 fans, a generous claim.  At left is a
picture from that game, showing what few fans
were in attendance, as well as demonstrating what
a poor venue for pro football the Los Angeles
Coliseum is - note for example that no seat is within 25 yards of the sideline.

When J. William Oldenburg bought the Express,
he fired the existing brain trust and brought in
Don Klosterman (L) as general manager and
John Hadl as the team's head coach. 

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