New Express owner J. William Oldenburg made a number of personnel changes within the organization's front office when he took over.
Also gone were a number of titles in favor of more simple- sounding alternatives.
Mike Hope, for example, went from being the Vice President of Marketing to merely the "Director of Sales."
Paul Sandrock's role went from that of Controller and Treasurer to simply "Business Manager."
Hugh Campbell's role changed also, going from Head Coach and Director of Football Operations to unemployed.

President and Co-Owner (1983) Alan R. Harmon
Co-Owner (1983) Bill Daniels
Owner (1984) J. William Oldenburg
President and General Manager (1984) Don Klosterman
Chief Operating Officer (1983) Fred "Curly" Morrison
Vice President of Marketing (1983);
Director of Sales (1984)
Mike Hope
Director of Business Operations (1983) Wally Brown
Director of Player Personnel (1983) Tom Fears
Director of Quality Control (1984) Dick Rehbein
Controller/Treasurer (1983);
Business Manager (1984)
Paul Sandrock
Head Coach and Director of Football Operations (1983) Hugh Campbell
Head Coach (1984-85) John Hadl
Defensive Line Coach (1983);
Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach (1984)
Pokey Allen
Linebackers Coach (1983) Gene Gaines
Linebackers Coach (1984) Mike Ackerley
Offensive Line Coach (1983);
Defensive Line Coach (1984)
Keith Gilbertson
Offensive Line Coach (1984) Sam Gruneisen
Offensive Coordinator (1983) Bruce Lemmerman
Running Backs Coach (1983) Al Roberts
Running Backs Coach (1984) Ed Lambert
Receivers/Special Teams Coach (1984) Don McLeary
Special Assistant Coach (1984) Sid Gillman
Secretary to the Coaching Staff Joan Cardone
Secretary to the Coaching Staff Susan D'Alessio
Assistant Director of Player Personnel John Sanders
Scout Duffy Daugherty
Scout Lyle Smith
Scout Jerry Williams
Administrative Assistant to the Scouting Staff Julie Brown
Corporate Sales Representative Pat Cunningham
Corporate Sales Representative Emily Magrish
Group Sales Representative Dave Jung
Group Sales Representative Bill Lopes
Sales Representative Jerry Chambers
Sales Representative Jim Dewar
Sales Representative Mitch Huberman
Telephone Sales Vince Stancyk
Administrative Assistant for Sales Susan Collins
Administrative Assistant for Sales Debbie Gottas
Administrative Assistant for Sales Sheila Young
Cheerleading Coordinator Dolly Zachary
Director of Public Relations Bob Rose
Assistant Director of Public Relations Bruce Dworshak
Public Relations Hotline Coordinator Kevin Ash
Administrative Assistant for Public Relations Kathleen Parry
Team Physician Dr. James Tibone
Team Physician Dr. Michael Mellman
Trainer Bill Taylor
Assistant Trainer Jim Daniel
Equipment Manager Larry Westbrook
Assistant Equipment Manager Rob Pearson
Assistant Equipment Manager Ken Hutton
Ticket Manager Jim Ryan
Assistant Ticket Manager Linda Grant

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