For its 1984 season, owner J. William Oldenburg reportedly lost in excess of $ 15 million operating the L.A. Express.
The 1984 Express earned home field advantage for their Western Conference title game against the Arizona Wranglers, but would end up playing in Phoenix. 
The Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the Express, was being prepared for the 1984 Olympic Games, and the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee denied the Express use of the facility.
The LAOOC representative who made the decision to bar the Express from their home stadium was Harry L. Usher.  Months later, Usher would be the USFL's Commissioner.
The conference championship was moved to Phoenix, where debilitating heat caused the game's starting time to be moved to 8pm Pacific, killing television ratings on the east coast.
The Express proceeded to lose the game, 35-23, missing out on what would be their only shot at a USFL championship. 

Express helmet logo

Media Guides.  By 1985,
the team apparently
couldn't even keep empty
seats out of their media
guide cover photos

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