Alex Spanos was originally slated to own the Los Angeles franchise in the USFL, but dropped out when he was given an option to become a minority owner of the NFL's San Diego Chargers.
Jim Joseph would take Spanos place briefly as owner of the L.A. franchise, but when problems surfaced with Alan Harmon and Bill Daniels' ability to place their team in San Diego, Joseph opted to relocate his team to Phoenix.
Playing in the cavernous Los Angeles Coliseum, the Express attendance averaged less than 20,000 fans in each of the team's three years. 

Player, Position College/University
Tony Brewer, DB Southern California
Jeff Brown, LB Southern California
Keith Browner, LB Southern California
Fred Cornwell, TE Southern California
Todd Dillon, QB Long Beach
Michael Harper, RB Southern California
David Howard, LB Long Beach
Lionel Manuel, WR Pacific
Lee Miller, DB Cal State Fullerton
Lenny Montgomery, RB Long Beach
Malcolm Moore, WR Southern California
John Puzar, C Long Beach
Ken Ruettgers, T Southern California
Rich Sanchez, RB Cal Lutheran
Tony Slaton, C Southern California
Cary Smith, T Pacific
Todd Spencer, RB Southern California
Chuck Walker, TE Cal Lutheran
Kirby Warren, RB Pacific
Tom Wilkes, DT Cal Lutheran

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