This section features a variety of information about the United States Football League that you'll be able to find online only here at USFL.INFO.

Ever wanted to know what kind of information someone needed to provide in order to be considered for an expansion franchise?  We've taken the actual application form and broken it down for you, step by step.

Ever wanted to sneak a peek at the league operations manual?  It's right here, ready for your perusal.

Thought you'd have what it takes to sign a USFL contract and take the field?  Take a look at the contract, and decide for yourself.

Ever wondered how the USFL's owners governed themselves?  We have the only copy of the USFL's constitution online right here.

In putting together USFL.INFO we literally came across thousands of pages of exclusive material that, over time, we will make available here on the site in an effort to provide information on the inner workings of the United States Football League:  actual expansion agreements, league operations manuals, playing rules, and a host of other documents that probably haven't seen the light of day in nearly 25 years.  So when you're looking for exclusive USFL-related material, check out this section of USFL.INFO!

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