NOTE:  The following is extracted from the 1983 USFL Media Guide.  Supplemental information follows.

The New Jersey Generals franchise is a partnership held by J. Walter Duncan along with head coach and president Chuck Fairbanks.

Duncan is the founder and principal owner of Walter Duncan Oil Properties, a leading oil and gas producing company located in Oklahoma City, OK.  The company's operations are involved in exploration, development and production.

A 1938 graduate of Notre Dame, Duncan has been an avid sportman all his life.  Extremely active in Notre Dame's Alumni Association, Duncan follows two collegiate football squads on a regular basis.  One is the Fighting Irish and the other is the University of Oklahoma in his home state. 

Duncan, a longtime associate and friend of Fairbanks, is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, the Union League Club of Chicago and the International Petroleum Association of America.

Principal Owner
New Jersey Generals

He serves as director of the Liberty National Bank of Oklahoma City and the Marquette Cement Company of Nashville, TN.

Duncan is a participant in several sports, including scuba diving, hunting and fishing.  But his primary interest lies in golf, where he competes as often as his schedule will allow.  He is a member of the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club as well as the prestigious LaQuinta Country Club in California and Castle Pines Country Club in Colorado.

Having acquired the Generals when Donald Trump backed out of joining the original ownership group due to his need to focus on other business interests, following the 1984 season Duncan sold the team to Trump for a reported $ 6 million.  Duncan essentially faded from the sports scene after selling the Generals.  When USFL.INFO was launched in 2007, we had no information on his whereabouts but in March 2009, a member of his family contacted us to advise that Mr. Duncan had passed away at the age of 92.

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