(Jesse) Craig James came to the USFL from Southern Methodist University, where he and Eric Dickerson formed the famed "Pony Express" backfield.  Graduating in 1983, James was the fourth overall selection in the inaugural USFL Draft, chosen by the Washington Federals.  In what would be his first of two USFL seasons, James rushed for 823 yards and 4 touchdowns in fourteen games for the Feds, who otherwise were the most abysmal team in the USFL's maiden season, going 4-14-0.  The 1984 season saw James go down with injury, gaining a scant 61 yards on 16 carries.

James left the Federals and the USFL following the 1984 season, signing with the New England Patriots, who drafted him in the 7th round of the 1983 NFL Draft.  James had an outstanding 1985 with the Pats, rushing for 1,227 yards and playing a key role in the team's playoff run and appearance in Super Bowl XX.

'85 would be James best season in either league however, as he played in only 21 games over the course of the next three years.  After the 1988 season, James retired as a player to begin a broadcasting career that saw him go from being a radio analyst for SMU to ESPN and ABC where he is a commentator and writes articles for ESPN.com.

Today in addition to his role with ABC/ESPN, James lives in Plano, Texas where he operates an eponymous broadcasting school


Washington Federals


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