The USFL's decision to change to a fall playing schedule for 1986 sent a number of teams to new locations, among them the 1984 champion Philadelphia Stars, who would attempt to fill a void recently left by the NFL in Baltimore, where the Colts had literally slinked out of town in the middle of the night.

Despite the fact that the Colts weren't around any more, there were still provisions in the Colts lease at Memorial Stadium that prevented the Stars, at least for 1985, from using it as their home.  So the team played its 1985 home games at Byrd Stadium in College Park, nearly 40 miles from Baltimore and in fact closer in proximity to Washington, D.C.  Meanwhile the team practiced and maintained their de-facto base of operations in Philadelphia.  It was an odd arrangement, and one that no doubt had a hand in the Stars 10-7-1 finish in 1985.

Built in 1950 as the home for the University of Maryland's Terrapins, Byrd Stadium had a seating capacity of 34,680 during its USFL days.  The second tier of seats shown in the picture at right were added in 1991 as part of an expansion that added luxury suites and increased capacity to just over 48,000.  Today the stadium's seating capacity is slightly over 51,000.  Constructed for just $ 1 million, in 2006 the University of Maryland sold naming rights to the stadium for $ 20 million, with the facility now being called "Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium."


College Park, Maryland


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