The Jacksonville Bulls backfield in 1985 could boast running backs who between them had won three Heisman Trophies.
Mike Rozier had won the award with Nebraska in 1983, while Archie Griffin is the only man to have won the award twice, in 1974 and 1975 with Ohio State.
The '85 Bulls joined the New Jersey Generals as USFL teams with multiple Heisman winners on its roster.
The Generals in 1985 featured rookie Boston College QB Doug Flutie, who had won the award in 1984, as well as RB Herschel Walker, the 1982 award recipient.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1984 1985
Alexis, Alton WR Tulane X X
Anderson, Curtis DE Central State - X
Anderson, Gary C-G Stanford X X
Atiyeh, George NT Louisiana State X -
Batiste, Derrick DB McNeese State - X
Beeson, Terry LB Kansas - X
Belue, Buck QB Georgia X X
Bennett, Ben QB Duke X -
Bergmann, Paul TE UCLA X -
Bessillieu, Don S Georgia Tech X X
Brown, Norris TE Georgia - X
Brown, Rush DL Ball State X -
Brown, Sammy S Georgia Tech X -
Brown, Val DE Florida X -
Butts, Reggie WR Tulane - X
Carter, Mansel DE Notre Dame - X
Clark, Gary WR James Madison X X
Clasby, Bob DL Notre Dame X X
Collins, George OL Georgia X X
Costello, Joe DE Central Connecticut X X
Courtney, Matt DT Idaho State X -
Dinkel, Thomas LB Kansas X X
Douglas, Brian DL Tulane X -
Dykes, Donald DB Southeast Louisiana X X
Edwards, Mike LB Oklahoma - X
Franco, Brian K Penn State X X
Gantner, Ed OL Central Florida X X
Gee, Chester RB Duke X X
Gray, Kevin RB Eastern Illinois X -
Gray, Warren OL Georgia X -
Griffin, Archie RB Ohio State - X
Gruber, Bob OL Pittsburgh X X
Harper, Mark  DB Alcorn State - X
Hendel, Andy LB North Carolina State X -
Henderson, Wyatt WR Fresno State X -
Howell, Kenny OL Georgia Tech X X
Hudson, Nat OL Georgia X -
Jackson, Fernando LB Florida X -
Jakes, Van  S Kent State - X
Johnson, Joe  DB Notre Dame - X
Johnson, Vaughan LB North Carolina State X X
Jones, Cedric  RB Florida State - X
Keel, Mark  TE Arizona - X
Kemp, Perry WR California Univ. of Pa. X X
Key, Larry RB Florida State X -
Latimer, Don NT Miami X -
Lewis, Marvin RB Tulane X X
Lott, John RB Michigan X -
Luther, Ed QB San Jose State - X
Mahfouz, Robbie QB Southeast Louisiana X X
Mason, Larry RB Troy State X X
Matthews, Aubrey WR Delta State X X
McCurley, Chuck WR Northern Alabama X X
McLean, John LB Florida State X -
McMillan, Rodney DB Cal Poly Pomona - X
Millard, Keith DE Washington State - X
Nelson, Bob NT Miami (Florida) - X
Otey, Dave C UCLA X -
Penninson, Jay C Nicholls State - X
Pierce, Jeff P Georgia Tech X -
Pesuit, Wally OL Kentucky X -
Richards, A.V. OL North Carolina - X
Robinson, Matt QB Georgia X -
Rozier, Mike RB Nebraska - X
Simmons, Roy G Georgia Tech - X
Sipe, Brian QB San Diego State - X
Swider, Larry P Pittsburgh - X
Turner, J.T. OL Duke - X
Wampler, Chris DL Tennessee X -
West, Douglas LB UCLA X X
Whiting, Michael RB Florida State X -
Wood, Richard LB Southern California - X
Young, Robert TE Bethune-Cookman X X
Zappala, Greg LB Miami (Florida) X -

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