The Bulls attempted to be the only USFL team to be partially owned by the public.
Owner Fred Bullard, seeking additional capital to keep the franchise afloat, offered shares of the team to fans and potential investors for $100 each.
Anticipating significant demand, Bullard set aside sufficient shares to raise upwards of $ 19 million.
Demand was overestimated however, as fans subscribed for only about 800 shares, potentially raising $ 80,000 - barely enough to pay for use of the Gator Bowl for one Bulls game.
The expansion franchise that became the Bulls was awarded to JAX Professionals, Inc.
The Bulls selected 36 players in the USFL Expansion Draft held after the 1983 season.
Three players from each of the charter 12 teams were selected by each of the six expansion teams.

The faces behind the Bulls:  team owner
Fred W. Bullard (L) and head coach Lindy Infante

The Bulls 1st round draft choice in 1984,
wide receiver Gary Clark

Birth of the Bulls:
The Bulls are introduced prior to their first
game, a 53-14 whipping of the
Washington Federals

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