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Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984 1985
Adams, Ernest LB Illinois - - X
Ah You, Junior DE Arizona State X X -
Alford, John DT South Carolina State X - -
Andreoli, John LB Holy Cross X X -
Bayle, David TE Washington X X X
Baylis, Jerald LB Southern Mississippi - X X
Belcher, Jack T Boston College - X X
Beverly, Dwight RB Illinois - - X
Bishop, Dennis S (Unknown) X - -
Bradley, Matt LB (Unknown) X - -
Branch, Bruce G (Unknown) X - -
Brannon, Robert DE Arkansas  - - X
Brewington, Mike LB East Carolina X X -
Brown, Ken WR Nebraska X - -
Brown, Marion WR South Carolina State - X -
Bullard, Louis T Jacksonville State X X X
Burningham, Rex T Brigham Young - X -
Byers, Scott DB Cal State Long Beach - - X
Carter, M.L. DB Cal State Fullerton X - -
Casarino, Dino P Washington X X -
Chase, Garrett CB Grambling State - X -
Clark, Alex DB Louisiana State - X X
Coash, Beau TE Middlebury X X -
Collins, Larry RB (Unknown) X - -
Combs, Chris TE New Mexico X X -
Crump, Richard RB Jacksonville X X -
Davis, Tony RB Nebraska X - -
Doolittle, Steve LB (Unknown) - X -
Dupree, Marcus RB Oklahoma - X X
Elliott, Erik LB Southern - X -
Fernandez, Fred WR Utah State - X -
Flanagan, Orlando LB Oklahoma X - -
Franklin, Jerrell G Southern X X -
Franz, Nolan WR Tulane X X X
Gabriel, Robin QB (Unknown) X - -
Gaylord, Jeff NT Missouri State X X -
Geathers, Robert DE South Carolina X - -
Giammona, Louie RB (Unknown) X - -
Gibson, Gary LB Arizona X - -
Gompf, Bill LB Nebraska X X -
Good, Tony RB Southern - X -
Goosby, Daryl TE Cincinnati - - X
Gossett, Jeff P (Unknown) - - X
Guyer, Doug LB Boston College - X -
Hall, Daryl X (Unknown) - - X
Hall, Dino RB Glassboro State - - X
Hambrick, Daryl WR Nevada - Las Vegas X - -
Harbison, Charles CB Gardner-Webb X X -
Hargrove, Jim RB (Unknown) X - -
Holmes, Willie WR Alcorn State X - -
Hoopes, Mitch P Arizona X - -
Hopely, Norm G West Chester State X - -
Horton, Greg G-T Colorado X X -
Hughes, Allen DT Western Michigan - - X
Hughes, Derek RB (Unknown) X - -
Hurley, Dan T Nebraska X X X
Jackson, Billy Don DE UCLA - X -
Jackson, Louis RB Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - - X
James, Poncho RB San Francisco State - X -
Jauron, Dick S Yale X - -
Johnson, Andy RB Georgia X - -
Johnson, Brad C Nebraska X - -
Johnson, Dennis RB Mississippi X X -
Johnson, Eric S Washington State - X -
Jones, Keith T West Virginia - X -
Jones, Lyndell CB Hawaii X X X
Jordan, Buford RB McNeese State - X X
Katolin, Mike C San Jose State X - -
Lavine, Paul LB Utah State - - X
Lee, Oudious NT Nebraska X X -
Livingston, Mike QB Southern Methodist X - -
Lockett, Frank WR Nebraska X X X
Love, Terry CB Murray State X - -
Magee, Joe DE Jackson State - X -
Manalla, Vince K Tulane - X -
Marek, Marcus LB Ohio State X X X
Manamaleuga, Frank LB (Unknown) - - X
Matthews, Ira RB (Unknown) X - -
Mazzetti, Tim K Pennsylvania X X X
McAdoo, Howard LB Michigan State - - X
McClain, Larry DE Western Carolina X X X
McKay, Mike QB Tulane - X -
McLaughlin, Mike C Massachusetts X X X
Merrell, Jeff NT Nebraska - X X
Miller, Bruce CB Southern Mississippi - X X
Mohl, Curt T (Unknown) X - -
Molden, Bob DE Mississippi State X - -
Montgomery, Mario DB (Unknown) - - X
Montz, Mike RB Louisiana State X - -
Needham, Ben LB Michigan - X X
Neil, Kenny DE (Unknown) - - X
Newton, Bob G Nebraska X - -
Noonan, John WR Nebraska X - -
Paul, Gaylord DB Southwest Louisiana - X -
Pennywell, Robert LB Grambling - - X
Perry, Martin K Abilene Christian - X -
Phillips, Ray LB Nebraska X X -
Price, Ernie C Texas A&I X - -
Pryor, Benji DE Pittsburgh X - -
Quinn, Jeff QB Nebraska - X X
Raymond, Gerry G Boston College X X X
Restic, Joe S Notre Dame X X X
Ricks, Harold RB Tennessee - Chattanooga - - X
Roberts, Frank C Tulane - X X
Robinson, Matt QB South Florida - - X
Robinson, Mike DE Notre Dame - X -
Robinson, Walter RB Canisius - X -
Roe, Bill LB Colorado X - -
Rosborough, Willie DE (Unknown) - - X
Ross, Dan TE Northeastern - X X
Schellen, Mark RB Nebraska - X -
Schmeding, John G Boston College X - -
Smith, Charles WR Grambling State X X -
Smith, Frank T Alabama A&M - X -
Smith, Tim S Oregon State X - -
Staub, Pat T Temple X - -
Steels, Anthony RB Nebraska X X -
Storr, Gregg LB Boston College - X X
Strozier, Dwayne WR Arizona X - -
Tarver, Marcus LB (Unknown) X - -
Tautolo, John T UCLA - - X
Taylor, Billy RB Texas Tech X - -
Taylor, Dwight DB Elizabeth City State - - X
Taylor, James T Missouri X - -
Thompson, Broderick T Kansas - - X
Walton, Johnnie QB Elizabeth City State X X -
Wenzel, Clint DT Tulane - X X
West, Isaiah LB Miami (Florida) - - X
Whittingham, Kyle DT Brigham Young - X -
Wilkerson, Daryl DE Houston X X -
Williams, Lawrence LB (Unknown) - X -
Williams, Vince RB Oregon - - X
Wilson, Woodrow CB North Carolina X X -
Winters, Bill T Princeton - - X
Woodward, Doug QB Pace X X X
Young, Charles DT North Texas State X - -

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