Breakers kicker Tim Mazzetti scored the first points in the history of the USFL, kicking a field goal against the Tampa Bay Bandits on March 6, 1983.
Mazzetti would go on to play three seasons with the Breakers, moving along with the team as it trekked across the country.
A graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Mazzetti would go on to make a name for himself in the commercial real estate and financial sectors after his playing days.
Today, Mazzetti is the Executive Vice President of Cohen Financial, a leading lender in the commercial real estate industry.

George Matthews and Randy Vataha, who
would sell a chain of local racquetball centers
to finance the Boston Breakers in 1983.

Louisiana developer Joseph Canizaro,
who would buy the Breakers after their 1983
season and move them to his hometown of
New Orleans for 1984... only to move them
again to Portland a year later when the
USFL voted to move to a fall schedule.

Breakers kicker Tim Mazzetti, shown at left
from his 1984 USFL trading card,
and at right in his current role as the
Executive Vice President of Cohen Financial. 

Ohio State standout Marcus Marek, who
was drafted and signed by the Breakers in 1983
after many thought he would only play
in the NFL.

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