The Breakers move from Boston to New Orleans was made official on October 18, 1983.
The team's subsequent move from New Orleans to Portland was approved by the league on November 13, 1984.
While in each case the team's relocation formally required a vote of the ownership, in reality the other USFL owners had little choice - it was in both instances a case of allowing the franchise to be moved, or have it disband.
The Breakers move to Portland was predicated on the USFL owners' vote to change to a fall schedule beginning in 1986.
Rather than compete head to head with the NFL's Saints, owner Joseph Canizaro chose to relocate the team to Portland, perhaps hoping that in an NFL-USFL merger scenario he might shut down the Breakers in order to become part of an ownership group in another USFL city that was admitted into the NFL.
The Breakers move to Portland for 1985 was joined by the Philadelphia Stars, who relocated to Baltimore, and by the Washington Federals, who relocated to Orlando, Florida.
The Michigan Panthers, which also did not relish a head to head competition with the NFL's Detroit Lions, were merged into the Oakland Invaders.
The Oklahoma Outlaws and Arizona Wranglers were also merged for 1985, in part due to the desire of Arizona owner Dr. Ted Diethrich to get out of the USFL altogether, as well as to potentially have a strong franchise in the Phoenix market should the USFL be successful in forcing a merger between it and the NFL.
Two other USFL franchises, the Chicago Blitz and Pittsburgh Maulers, folded after the 1984 season.
ABC was unhappy with the Breakers relocations.  Boston was a "top ten" media market in 1983, and moving to New Orleans was a considerable step down in the league's potential television exposure.
The move to Portland was even worse in ABC's eyes, as Portland was at the time not seen as a strong ABC market.

1983 .
Owner George J. Matthews
Co-Owner Randy Vataha
President Robert L. Caporale
Executive Vice President Jeffrey W. Cohen
Vice President of Administration William D. Abbott
Head Coach and General Manager Dick Coury
Director of Player Personnel Tom Marino
Director of Public Relations Gary M. Gillis
Director of Publicity Edward D. Miller, Jr.
Director of Research and Development Frank Cesarale
Director of Sales William E. Barnes, Jr.
Director of Special Events Diane Bounds
Defensive Coordinator Doug Kay
Defensive Line Coach Curtis Jones
Linebacker Coach Dale Lindsey
Offensive Coordinator Roman Gabriel
Receivers Coach Steve Coury
Tight End Coach and Administrative Assistant William Redell
Offensive Line Coach Keith Rowen
Team Physician Robert E. Leach, M.D.
Head Trainer Stanley Wong
Assistant Trainer James M. Narrigan
Equipment Manager Russ McElroy
Secretary of Scouting Margaret Field
Special Events Department Holly McFague
Ticket Manager James DeFranc
Marketing Coordinator Karen A. Matthews
Ticket Department Katherine Curtin
Marketing Department Kelly Erickson
Sales Department Tiny Shealy
Bookkeeper Kathleen M. Waters
Assistant to the President Katherine J. Kennedy
Administrative Assistant Jill A. Morgan
Secretary Debra Canzater
Secretary Theresa Nartowicz
Secretary Jeannie E. Olsson
Receptionist Jean Fleszar
. .
1984 .
Owner Joseph C. Canizaro
President Randy Vataha
Vice President of Administration William D. Abbott
Vice Presidnet of Marketing Jack Galmiche
Director of Player Personnel Howard White
Director of Public Relations Paul Manasseh
Head Coach and General Manager Dick Coury
Offensive Coordinator Keith Rowen
Defensive Coordinator Doug Kay
Running Backs Coach Bill Redell
Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Coach Steve Coury
Special Teams Coach Frank Bean
Defensive Line Coach Curtis Jones
Linebackers Coach Bob Shaw
Weight and Strength Coach Rick Italiano
. .
1985 .
Owner Joseph C. Canizaro
President John Ralston
Director of Player Personnel Larry Bryan
Director of Public Relations John Brunelle
Head Coach and General Manager Dick Coury
Offensive Coordinator Pete Kettela
Defensive Coordinator Pokey Allen
Offensive Line Coach Mike Barry
Defensive Line Coach Curtis Jones
Linebackers Coach Bob Shaw
Wide Receivers Coach Steve Coury
Special Teams Coach Frank Bean
Offensive Assistant Tom Smythe

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