The relocation of the Breakers from Boston to New Orleans resulted in a wholesale change of the team's territorial schools.
Gone were Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Massachusetts and Nebraska, and in their place were schools such as Grambling, Southern, Tulane, Louisana State, and Southern Mississippi.
The Breakers were allowed 20 territorial selections in 1984, while each of the six USFL expansion franchises were granted 30 selections.

Player, Position College/University
Jerald Baylis, LB Southern Mississippi
Clinton Berry, T Louisiana State
Jim Boyle, T Tulane
Bud Brown, DB Southern Mississippi
Garret Chase, DB Grambling
Alex Clark, DB Louisiana State
Eugene Daniel, DB Louisiana State
Jon English, QB Tulane
Tony Good, RB Southern
Robert Griffin, WR Tulane
Glen Howe, T Southern Mississipii
Rydell Malancon, LB Louisana State
Bruce Miller, DB Southern Mississippi
Mitch Montgomery, TE Grambling
Edward Scott, DB Grambling
Robert Smith, DE Grambling
Clemon Terrell, RB Southern Mississippi
Elton Veals, RB Tulans
Clint Wenzel, DE Tulane
Stephen Wilson, G Southern

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