The Chicago Blitz looked at over 3,200 players in tryouts prior to its inaugural 1983 season.
The team signed 340 of those who tried out for the team to contracts - enough to supply 8 USFL franchises with talent.
Fortunately these contracts weren't guaranteed, and by the time the Blitz had left for their pre-season training game in Arizona, George Allen had cut the roster down considerably.
Kicker Frank Corral is most noted for his NFL career.  In 1979 he nailed three field goals to propel the Los Angeles Rams to the NFC championship.
Corral's field goals were the only scores in the game as the Rams beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 9-0 at Tampa Stadium.
In Super Bowl XIV, the normally clutch Corral would miss an extra point try, but it proved not to be a deciding factor as the Pittsburgh Steelers went on to defeat the Rams, 31-19. 
1983 Blitz RB Walter Poole attended Hubbard High School in Hubbard, Ohio, graduating as part of the Class of 1978.  This merits mention only as Poole's graduating class included the sister of the founder of USFL.INFO.
Blitz RB Tim Spencer has gone on to a successful career in coaching.  In 2006, he served as the running backs coach for the NFC champion Chicago Bears.
QB Vince Evans joined the Blitz for its 1984 season after years as the NFL Bears' back-up signal caller.
Evans' contract, a four year deal worth a reported $5 million, was signed on November 15, 1983 and became effective on February 1, 1984.
Though Evans contract was reportedly guaranteed by Lloyd's of London, Evans would file suit against the USFL and Chicago franchise holder Eddie Einhorn in December 1986.
In October 1986, an arbitrator had ruled that Evans was entitled to the compensation, but Einhorn claimed that his USFL franchise wasn't the Blitz, and therefore he wasn't responsible for the debt. 
The outcome of the case is unknown to USFL.INFO, but it is presumed a settlement was reached.
In January 1984 the Blitz tried to add Chicago football's biggest name to their roster, offering RB Walter Payton a spectacular contract offer.
The deal was worth a reported $2 million a year for three years, at the time by far the richest contract in all of professional football. 
Payton said he would weigh the offer, but before he gave the Blitz a response, team management - which realized the club was already drowning in a sea of red ink - withdrew the offer.
Payton would re-sign with the Bears, playing there the rest of his career and retiring as the NFL's all-time leading rusher.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984 1985
Ah You, Junior DE Arizona State X - -
Allen, Carl CB Southern Mississippi X - -
Anderson, Marcus WR Tulane X X -
Armstead, Charles CB (Unknown) - X -
Barnes, Robert C-G Southern Methodist X - -
Boatner, Mack RB Southeast Louisiana X - -
Bradley, Luther S Notre Dame X - -
Brown, Eddie S Tennessee X - -
Bryant, Trent CB (Unknown) - X -
Buben, Mark DT Tufts X - -
Buggs, Wamon WR Vanderbilt X - -
Bunche, Curtis DE (Unknown) - X -
Canada, Larry RB (Unknown) - X -
Cattage, Ray DE (Unknown) - X -
Clasby, Bob DT (Unknown) - X -
Corral, Frank K-P UCLA X - -
Cozen, Doug TE Illinois X - -
Daniel, Donnell S (Unknown) - X -
Dennison, Doug RB Kutztown State X - -
Doerger, Jerry T (Unknown) - X -
Douglas, Larry WR Southern X - -
Easley, Walter RB West Virginia X - -
Ehrmann, Joe DT Syracuse X - -
Eppes, Roy X (Unknown) - X -
Evans, Vince QB (Unknown) - X -
Eyre, Nick T Brigham Young X - -
Fahnhorst, Jim LB Minnesota X - -
Ferguson, Vagas RB (Unknown) - X -
Field, Doak LB Baylor X - -
Fischer, Mark C (Unknown) - X -
Fisher, Robin LB (Unknown) - X -
Flowers, Jackie WR (Unknown) - X -
Ford, Glenn RB (Unknown) - X -
Gheesling, Bruce LB Furman X - -
Gillen, John LB (Unknown) - X -
Gillen, Ken DE Illinois X - -
Glasgow, Brian TE (Unknown) - X -
Gossett, Jeff P (Unknown) - X -
Groves, Tim S Florida X - -
Haines, Kris WR (Unknown) - X -
Harris, Rob CB (Unknown) - X -
Hartnett, Perry G (Unknown) - X -
Haynes, Clinton LB (Unknown) - X -
Hoppock, Doug X (Unknown) - X -
Hyde, Glenn G (Unknown) - X -
Jiggetts, Dan T (Unknown) - X -
Johnson, Trumaine WR Grambling X - -
Jostes, Randy DT (Unknown) - X -
Keel, Mark TE (Unknown) - X -
Kelley, Ken LB Penn State - X -
Kilkenny, Tom LB (Unknown) - X -
Kimmel, Jon LB (Unknown) - X -
Koegel, Tim QB Notre Dame X X -
Landry, Greg QB Massachusetts X - -
Lathrop, Kit DT Arizona State X - -
Lee, John DE Nebraska X - -
Livers, Virgil CB Western Kentucky X X -
Lohmann, Jim G-T Texas - El Paso X - -
Long, Kevin RB South Carolina X - -
Looney, James LB (Unknown) - X -
Lorch, Karl DE Southern California X - -
Magee, Keith WR (Unknown) - X -
Melontree, Andy LB Baylor X - -
Morgan, Mike DT (Unknown) - X -
Norman, Tim G Illinois X - -
Norris, Sam LB (Unknown) - X -
Pesuit, Wally C Kentucky X - -
Piette, Tim C Michigan State X - -
Plank, Doug S (Unknown) - X -
Poole, Walter RB Southern Illinois X - -
Porras, Tom QB Washington X - -
Ricker, Paul TE Norwich X - -
Rivera, Jim LB (Unknown) - X -
Rozantz, Tom QB William & Mary X - -
Schmidt, Pat S Hawaii X - -
Schwartz, Don S Washington State X - -
Scott, Bobby QB Tennessee X - -
Seibel, Kevin K (Unknown) - X -
Shaw, Dennis QB (Unknown) - X -
Shields, Lance CB Drake X - -
Simmons, Bob G (Unknown) - X -
Smith, Ed LB Vanderbilt X - -
Spencer, Tim RB Ohio State X - -
Stokes, Darryl WR (Unknown) - X -
Stone, Jim RB (Unknown) - X -
Stroth, Vince T (Unknown) - X -
Taylor, Malcolm DT (Unknown) - X -
Taylor, Rob T Northwestern X - -
Thayer, Tom G Notre Dame X X -
Thomas, Troy G-T Grambling X - -
Thornton, Bruce DE (Unknown) - X -
Times, Ken DT Southern - X -
Walters, Rod G (Unknown) - X -
Walton, Ted S Connecticut X - -
White, Stan LB Ohio State X - -
Wilcox, Tommy S (Unknown) - X -
Williams, Oliver WR (Unknown) - X -
Willis, Lenny WR-KR Ohio State X - -
Worthy, Gary RB (Unknown) - X -
Wrightman, Tim TE UCLA X - -

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