Dr. James F. Hoffman, who bought the Blitz from the team's original ownership group, was, like Dr. Ted Deithrich, a cardiovascular surgeon.
Hoffman and Diethrich also were based outside Chicago itself - Diethrich called Phoenix home, while Hoffman lived in Milwaukee when he bought the team. 
Hoffman's hires for the "new" Blitz front office included Jim Foster, who would later go on to invent the game of Arena Football. 
Bill Polian was also part of the 1984 Chicago Blitz front office staff.  Polian would go on to build winners in Charlotte and Indianapolis in the NFL.

Chicago Blitz
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Media Guides
The picture in the 1984 guide
requires some explanation.
When he bought the Blitz,
Dr. James Hoffman spent
heavily promoting the team
during the off season with
a huge advertising campaign,
the theme of which was
"Puttin' on the Blitz."
The model's leg kicking the ball
was a tie-in to that campaign,
which proved a dismal failure.

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