As was the case with the regular college draft, George Allen worked the USFL territorial selection process like a master.
In the 1983 territorial draft, for example, he used some of his 25 territorial selections on players he knew the Blitz wouldn't sign.
The reason?  Allen figured he could trade their rights to another USFL team and get a player or future draft pick in return, or if the price wasn't right, keep them out of the USFL altogether - and from competing with the Blitz on the field.

Player, Position College/University
Larry Alleyne, LB Northern Illinois
Charles Armstead, DB Illinois
Rich Barrent, G Northern Illinois
Mike Bass, K Illinois
Dennis Bishop, DB Illinois
Darryl Byrd, LB Illinois
Phil Carter, RB Notre Dame
Bob Clasby, DE Notre Dame
Joe Curtis, RB Illinois
Dave Duerson, DB Notre Dame
Tony Eason, QB Illinois
Mark Fischer, C Notre Dame
Dan Gregus, DE Illinois
Chris Hinton, T Northwestern
Tony Hunter, TE Notre Dame
James Johnson, DE Western Illinois
Adam Lingner, C Illinois
Mike Martin, WR Illinois
Larry Moriarty, RB Notre Dame
Bob Pratt, G Northwestern
John Stadnik, T Western Illinois
Jerome Stelly, WR Western Illinois
Tom Thayer, G Notre Dame
Oliver Williams, WR Illinois
Mark Zavagnin, LB Notre Dame


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