With a free hand when it came to matters of player personnel, George Allen worked the college draft like no one else in the USFL.
Allen traded up in the first round of the 1983 USFL Draft in order to land the rights to Ohio State RB Tim Spencer.  He then made a deal with the Boston Breakers for their first round choice, using it to pick up Grambling WR Trumaine Johnson.
In all, Allen would make deals that traded away 8 of the Blitz 24 draft choices in 1983.  At one point in the draft the team had only one selection (of TE Pat Dunsmore in the 11th round, with the 126th selection overall) over the course of 9 rounds and 107 picks. 
While he wouldn't sign them, Allen used later round picks to gather the rights to talent that would later make names for themselves in the NFL, including quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Babe Laufenberg, DE Karl Mecklenburg and punter Reggie Roby.

The Chicago Blitz selections in the 1983 USFL College Draft:
Round Selection Player, Position College
1 2* Tim Spencer, RB Ohio State
1 6 Traded to Arizona -
1 11* Trumaine Johnson, WR Grambling
2 19 Johnny Hector, RB Texas A&M
3 30 Frank Minnifield, DB Louisville
4 43 Matt Vandenboom, DB Wisconsin
5 54 Traded to Washington -
6 67 Traded to Los Angeles -
7 78 Traded to Los Angeles -
8 91 Traded to Los Angeles -
9 102 Traded to Boston -
10 115 Traded to Boston -
11 126 Pat Dunsmore, TE Drake
12 139 Traded to Boston -
13 150 Ron Versnik, C Wisconsin
14 163 Jim Kelly, QB Miami (Florida)
15 174 Matt Hernandez, DT Purdue
16 187 Reggie Roby, P Iowa
17 198 Chuck Ehin, DE Brigham Young
18 211 Andy Gibler, TE Missouri
19 222 Shamus McDonough, DT Iowa State
20 235 Babe Laufenberg, QB Indiana
21 246 Karl Mecklenburg, DE Minnesota
22 259 Mark Rush, RB Miami (Florida)
23 270 Chuck Nelson, K Washington
24 283 Dennis Talbot, LB Rhode Island

* - selection received in trade.

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