Dentist turned sports agent Dr. Jerry Argovitz was involved in the USFL well before becoming an owner, having represented a number of players who had either negotiated with or signed USFL contracts in 1983.  When USFL founder David Dixon announced that he'd rather sell his franchise rights rather than field a team, he had an immediate buyer in Argovitz and Bernard Lerner, with whom Argovitz was a partner.  The sale was approved by USFL owners on May 5, 1983 and an announcement that Houston would be getting a USFL franchise was made on May 11.

By the time the Gamblers took the field however, Lerner had taken a back seat and Argovitz was in charge of the franchise's day-to-day operations.  Argovitz and his partners would lure Jim Kelly away from the NFL, putting together a team that won the Central Division title in its inaugural year and made the playoffs in 1985.  The USFL's plan to play in the fall in 1986 essentially killed the Gamblers, however.  Not wanting to compete with the NFL's Oilers, the Gamblers were merged into the New Jersey Generals.


Majority Owner 
Houston Gamblers


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