THE 1985 USFL TERRITORIAL DRAFT consisted of 25 selections by each team.  As with the 1984 collegiate draft, the USFL rights of each player selected were the property of their drafting club.  Not conducted on a round-by-round basis, each USFL team submitted a list of players to the Commissioner's office, claiming exclusive USFL rights to negotiate with those players.  These lists for 1985 are below, with players ordered alphabetically.
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Doug Allen, WR Arizona State - Caesar Aldisert, LB Pittsburgh - Clayton Beauford, WR Auburn
Steve Boadway, LB Arizona - Troy Benson, LB Pittsburgh - Rob Bennett, TE West Virginia
Lynnden Brown, DB Arizona - Russell Carter, WR Temple - Gregg Carr, LB Auburn
Randall Cunningham, QB Nevada - Las Vegas - Greg Christy, G Pittsburgh - Paul Ott Carruth, RB Alabama
Charlie Dickey, G Arizona - Eddie Colson, RB North Carolina - Nat Ceasar, DB Auburn
Jay Dobyns, WR Arizona - Chris Doleman, LB Pittsburgh - Carey Christensen, QB Troy State
Joe Drake, DT Arizona - Bill Fralic, T Pittsburgh - Thomas Clark, DB Troy State
Phil Freeman, RB Arizona - Nick Gancitano, K Penn State - Rufus Cox, WR Troy State
Louis Garza, T New Mexico State - Nick Haden, C Penn State - Willie Drewrey, WR West Virginia
Lamonte Hunley, LB Arizona - Ethan Horton, RB North Carolina - Mitch Geier, G Troy State
Johnny Jackson, LB New Mexico - Marlon McIntyre, RB Pittsburgh - Kevin Greene, DE Auburn
Nick Johnson, DB New Mexico - Don McMullin, TE Temple - David King, DB Auburn
Vance Johnson, RB Arizona - Michah Moon, LB North Carolina - Emanuel King, LB Alabama
Kim Locklin, Rb New Mexico State - Tony Mumford, RB Penn State - Bill Legg, LB West Virginia
Tom Magazzeni, T Arizona State - Greg Naron, G North Carolina - Albert Marvin, DE Alabama State
Mike Mendoza, QB Northern Arizona - Bobby Pope, T North Carolina - Tim Moffett, WR Mississippi
Jim Meyer, P Arizona State - Dan Reeder, RB Delaware - Ricky Moore, RB Alabama
Aaron Moog, DE Nevada - Las Vegas - Stan Short, T Penn State - Freddie Joe Nunn, DE Mississippi
Brian Noble, DE Arizona State - Bruce Smith, DE Virginia Tech - Ron O'Neal, RB Auburn
Tom Polley, LB Nevada - Las Vegas - Doug Strang, QB Penn State - Karl Powe, WR Alabama State
Dalton Reed, DB Nevada - Las Vegas - Chris Sydnor, DB Penn State - Terry Sanders, P Alabama
Greg Turner, DB Arizona - Blair Talmadge, DB Lehigh - Ben Thomas, DT Auburn
Jimmy Williams, LB Arizona State  - Bill Wallace, WR Pittsburgh - Greg Walker, T Mississippi
David Wood, DT Arizona - Rocky Washington, WR Penn State - Ron Wolfley, RB West Virginia
Luis Zendejas, K Arizona State - Ali Witherspoon, LB Delaware - Paul Woodside, K West Virginia
- - - Anthony Young, DB Temple - - -
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Mark Allen, DB Brigham Young - Ron Anderson, LB Southern Methodist - Chip Andrews, P Georgia
Marv Allen, LB Brigham Young - Andrew Campbell, G Southern Methodist - Scott Bergold, DE Wisconsin
Dave Burke, DB Nebraska - Ray Childress, DT Texas A&M - Peter Blazek, T Georgia Tech
Alan Chrite, LB Colorado - Matt Darwin, C Texas A&M - Frank Bush, LB North Carolina State
Bret Clark, DB Nebraska - Simon Fletcher, DE Houston - Kevin Butler, K Georgia
Wayne Dawson, LB Texas Tech - Kermit Foster, DT Texas A&M - Knox Culpepper, LB Georgia
Ken Graeber, DT Nebraska - Tyrone Graves, LB Texas A&I - Jeff Dellenbach, T Wisconsin
Harry Grimminger, G Nebraska - Bruce Green, LB Texas Southern - Kevin Harris, DB Georgia
Larry Hamilton, DT Brigham Young - Dale Hellestrae, T Southern Methodist - Marck Harrison, RB Wisconsin
Rodney Harding, DT Oklahoma State - James Holmes, LB Houston - Johnny Hill, DB Duke
Jamie Harris, WR Oklahoma State - Bobby Leach, WR Southern Methodist - Richard Johnson, Db Wisconsin
Adam Haysbert, WR Brigham Young - Mark Lewis, TE Texas A&M - Tony Kepano, G Georgia Tech
Rusty Hilger, QB Oklahoma State - Tom Linebarger, DT Southern Methodist - Robert Lavette, RB Georgia Tech
Dwayne Jiles, LB Texas Tech - John Mazur, QB Texas A&M - Joe McIntosh, RB North Carolina State
Kelley Johnson, WR Colorado - Scott McLaughlin, G Rice - Jim Melka, LB Wisconsin
Shawn Jones, RB Oklahoma State - Audrey McMillian, DB Houston - A.V. Richards, T North Carolina State
Tom Morrow, T Nebraska - Reggie Phillips, DB Southern Methodist - Jeff Sanchez, DB Georgia
Ralph Partida, G Oklahoma State - Ken Reeves, T Texas A&M - Darryl Sims, DT Wisconsin
Raymond Polk, DB Oklahoma State - Rod Richardson, WR Texas A&M - Ken Stills, DB Wisconsin
Brad Smith, DT Brigham Young - Melvin Robinson, WR Rice - Al Toon, WR Wisconsin
Scott Strasburger, LB Nebraska - Thomas Sanders, RB Texas A&M - Dan Turk, C Wisconsin
Shane Swanson, WR Nebraska - Mark Smith, T Texas A&I - Mike Weaver, T Georgia
Joe Walter, T Texas Tech - Nate Steadman, G Texas A&M - Ken Whisenhunt, TE Georgia Tech
Brad White, DT Texas Tech - Jimmy Teal, WR Texas A&M - Gary Wilkens, TE Georgia Tech
Louis Wong, G Brigham Young - Bryant Winn, LB Houston - Scott Williams, TE Georgia
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Damon Allen, QB Cal State Fullerton - Ricky Anderson, K Vanderbilt - Gerald Allen, LB Syracuse
Paul Berner, QB Pacific - Danny Andrews, WR UCLA - Alan Andrews, TE Rutgers
Duane Bickett, LB Southern California - Dwight Blalock, TE Memphis State - Andrew Baker, WR Rutgers
Keith Biggers, LB Southern California - Steve Bono, QB UCLA - Kelvin Bell, DB Ohio State
Mark Boyer, TE Southern California - Derrick Burrows, DB Memphis State - Vic Bellamy, DB Syracuse
Jeff Carter, P Long Beach State - Neal Dellocono, LB UCLA - Steve Calabria, QB Colgate
Chris Corley, TE South Carolina - Jim Dralle, C Vanderbilt - Jaime Covington, RB Syracuse
Jack Del Rio, LB Southern Carolina - Donnie Elder, DB Memphis State - Dave Crecelius, DE Ohio State
Daren Gilbert, T Cal State Fullerton - Vince Hall, RB Middle Tennessee State - Joe Estay, T Mississippi State
Bryant Gilliard, DB South Carolina - Rick Hechinger, T Memphis State - Doug Flutie, QB Boston College
Tommy Haynes, DB Southern California - Herman Hunter, RB Tennessee State - Scott Gieselman, TE Boston College
John Hendy, DB Long Beach State - Johnnie Jones, RB Tennessee - Dwayne Hooper, RB Rutgers
Ira Hillary, WR South Carolina - Tim Long, G Memphis State - Jamie Kimmel, LB Syracuse
Neil Hope, LB Southern California - Duval Love, T UCLA - Mark Krerowicz, T Ohio State
Darrel Hopper, DB Southern California - Bill Mayo, G Tennessee - Jim Lachey, G Ohio State
Earl Johnson, DB South Carolina - Bob Monaco, T Vanderbilt - Kirk Lowdermilk, C Ohio State
Steve Jordan, K Southern California - Jack Oliver, G Memphis State - Dave Morrill, DE Ohio State
Kevin Junior, LB Long Beach State - Fuad Reveiz, K Tennessee - Gerald Phelan, WR Boston College
Chuck Page, T Long Beach State - Chuck Scott, WR Vanderbilt - Eugene Robinson, DB Colgate
James Seawright, LB South Carolina - Tony Simmons, DT Tennessee - Todd Russell, DB Boston College
James Sumpter, LB South Carolina - Alvin Toles, LB Tennessee - Tony Thurman, DB Boston College
Paul Vogel, LB South Carolina - James Williams, RB Memphis State - Mike Tomczak, QB Ohio State
Timmie Ware, WR Southern California - Manuel Young, DB Vanderbilt - Lionel Washington, DE Rutgers
Del Wilkes, G South Carolina - Mike Young, WR UCLA - Elmer Wilson, RB Mississippi State
Frank Wright, DT South Carolina - Carl Zander, LB Tennessee - Scott Zalenski, G Ohio State
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Kevin Bowman, WR San Jose State - Willie L. Broughton, DT Miami (Florida) - Richard Byrd, DT Southern Mississippi
Tom Briehl, LB Stanford - Eddie Brown, WR Miami (Florida) - Ricky Chatman, LB Louisiana State
Bob Frasco, QB San Jose State - Dallas Cameron, DT Miami (Florida) - Jeffery Dale, DB Louisiana State
Steve Gibson, DE Cal Poly San Luis Obis - Glen Campbell, T Wake Forest - Sam Dejarnette, RB Southern Mississippi
Gale Gilbert, QB California - Juan Comendeiro, G Miami (Florida) - Gregg Dubroc, LB Louisiana State
Owen Gill, RB Iowa - Myles Darling, DB South Carolina State - Danny Greene, WR Washington
Mark Harmon, K Stanford - Tyrone Davis, DB Clemson - Greg Haeusler, LB Southern Mississippi
Emile Harry, WR Stanford - K.D. Dunn, TE Clemson - Liffort Hobley, DB Louisiana State
Mike Hooks, LB Iowa - Joe Ellis, T Clemson - Ron Holmes, DT Washington
Keith Hunter, DB Iowa - Mike Eppley, QB Clemson - Joe Krakoski, LB Washington
Terry Jackson, DT Stanford - Malcolm Hairston, LB Wake Forest - Freddie Lewis, LB Louisiana State
Damone Johnson, TE Cal Poly San Luis Obis - Reid Ingle, T Clemson - Tony Lewis, DT Washington
George Little, DT Iowa - Lester Lyles, DB Virginia - Calvin Magee, TE Southern
Terry McDonald, LB San Jose State - Ron Mattes, DE Virginia - Eric Martin, WR Louisiana State
Brent Martin, C Stanford - Bobby Morrison, T Wake Forest - Tim Meamber, LB Washington
Rance McDougald, WR California - Bob Olderman, G Virginia - Mark Pattison, WR Washington
Matt Moran, G Stanford - William Perry, DT Clemson - Reginald Pugh, RB Grambling
Tom Neville, T Fresno State - Reggie Pleasant, DB Clemson - Al Robertson, G Washington
Ray Noble, DB California - Stan Shakespeare, WR Miami (Florida) - Jim Rodgers, DB Washington
Tony Smith, WR San Jose State - Ian Sinclair, C Miami (Florida) - Fred Small, LB Washington
Kevin Spitzig, LB Iowa - Dale Swing, C Clemson - Lance Smith, T Louisiana State
Dave Strobel, LB Iowa - Dana Thyhsen, QB Central Florida - Treg Songy, DB Tulane
Gary Swanson, LB Cal Poly San Luis Obis - Alvin Ward, G Miami (Florida) - James White, C Louisiana State
Garin Veris, DE Stanford - Ronald Watson, DB Clemson - Tony Wood, K Tulane
Larry Willis, WR Fresno State - Mark Wiley, DE Virginia - Troy Wroten, TE Washington
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . - -
Joel Barrett, TE Baylor - Billy Allen, RB Florida State - - -
Nikita Blair, LB Texas - El Paso - Greg Allen, Rb Florida State - - -
Gregg Bomkamp, DT Baylor - John Bostic, DB Bethune-Cookman - - -
Danny Bradley, QB Oklahoma - Phil Bromley, C Florida - - -
Brent Burks, T Oklahoma - Darryl Drew, LB Florida A&M - - -
Pat Coryatt, DT Baylor - Ricky Easmon, DB Florida - - -
Ralph Darnell, DT Texas - Russell Gallon, DE Florida - - -
Tony Degrate, DT Texas - Kevin Glover, C Maryland - - -
Tommy Flemons, DT Oklahoma - Lorenzo Hampton, RB Florida - - -
David Glasco, DB Southwest Texas - Jessie Hester, WR Florida State - - -
Jerry Gray, DB Texas - Billy Hinson, G Florida - - -
Kevin Hancock, T Baylor - Don Jefferson, DB Florida A&M - - -
Bill Heathcock, DT Texas - Cedric Jones, RB Florida State - - -
June James, LB Texas - Crawford Ker, G Florida - - -
Jerome Ledbetter, RB Oklahoma - Tim Newton, DT Florida - - -
Paul Mergenhagen, DT Baylor - Chris Perkins, K Florida - - -
Terry Orr, RB Texas - Bobby Raymond, K Florida - - -
Ervin Randle, DB Baylor - Frank Reich, QB Maryland - - -
Buster Rhymes, WR Oklahoma - Eric Riley, DB Florida State - - -
Jim Rockford, DB Oklahoma - Charles Robinson, T Bethune-Cookman - - -
Glenn Saterfield, RB Angelo State - William Rogers, TE Maryland - - -
Buzzy Sawyer, P Baylor - Roger Sibbald, DB Florida - - -
Freddie Sims, RB Oklahoma - Henry Taylor, LB Florida State - - -
Tony Staten, DB Angelo State - Eric Wilson, LB Maryland - - -
Chuck Thomas, C Oklahoma - Almon Young, G Bethune-Cookman - - -

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