THE 1984 USFL TERRITORIAL DRAFT consisted of 20 selections by each team, with expansion teams being entitled to make 30 selections each.  As with the 1984 "draft," the USFL rights of each player selected were the property of their drafting club.  Not conducted on a round-by-round basis, each USFL team submitted a list of players to the Commissioner's office, claiming exclusive USFL rights to negotiate with those players.

Unlike the 1983 territorial selections, in 1984 the USFL allowed teams to make territorial picks then trade their rights - in effect allowing one team to pick players for another team by pre-arrangement.  Consequently the exact number of players on each team's territorial list varies slightly.  These lists for 1984 are below, with players ordered alphabetically.
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Brad Anderson, WR Arizona - Pat Arrington, T Auburn - Carl Aikens, WR Northern Illinois
Leo Barker, LB New Mexico State - Dowe Aughtman, DT Auburn - Greg Bell, RB Notre Dame
Chris Brewer, RB Arizona - Zachary Barnes, DT Alabama State - Dwight Beverly, RB Illinois
Mike Cade, RB Arizona State - Jesse Bendross, WR Alabama - Scott Bolzan, T Northern Illinois
Jimmie Carter, LB New Mexico - Chuck Clanton, DB Auburn - Ed Brady, LB Illinois
Marsharne Graves, T Arizona - Randy Edwards, DT Alabama - Tim Brewster, TE Illinois
Todd Hons, QB Arizona State - Joe Hall, DB Mississippi - Mitchell Brookins, WR Illinois
Rickey Hunley, LB Arizona - Donnie Humphrey, DT Auburn - Chris Brown, DB Notre Dame
John Kaiser, LB Arizona - Jeff Jackson, DE Auburn - Mark Butkus, DT Illinois
Don Kern, TE Arizona State - Lionel James, RB Auburn - Archie Carter, LB Illinois
James Keyton, T Arizona State - Joey Jones, WR Alabama - Ricky Edwards, RB Northwestern
Pete Mandley, WR Northern Arizona - David Jordan, T Auburn - Clinton Haynes, LB Illinois
Byron Nelson, T Arizona - Walter Lewis, QB Alabama - Mike Johnson, DE Illinois
Sandy Osiecki, QB Arizona State - Buford McGee, RB Mississippi - John Kidd, P Northwestern
Randy Robbins, DB Arizona - Malcolm Simmons, P Alabama - Blair Kiel, QB Notre Dame
Brad Rowland, DE Northern Arizona - Doug Smith, DT Auburn - Neil Maune, G Notre Dame
Tom Tunnicliffe, QB Arizona - Andre Townsend, DT Mississippi - Mike Shiner, T Notre Dame
Mike White, T Arizona State - Ed West, TE Auburn - Don Thorp, DT Illinois
Dwaine Wright, RB Arizona State - Quency Williams, DE Auburn - Stacey Toran, DB Notre Dame
Fred Young, LB New Mexico State - Chris Woods, WR Auburn B Tim Tyrell, QB Northern Illinois
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Sandy Armstrong, LB Colorado - Fred Acorn, DB Texas - Ben Bennett, QB Duke
Adrian Baker, RB West Texas State - Mark Adickes, T Baylor - James Brown, G Georgia
Kevin Call, T Colorado State - Mike Buchanan, DE Texas - Nat Brown, DB North Carolina State
Jeff Champine, WR Colorado State - Jerry Bullitt, LB Texas A&M - Neal Cambridge, WR Morris Brown
Curt Cole, TE Texas Tech - Rod Clark, DE Southwest Texas State - Ronnie Cone, RB Georgia Tech
Stan David, DB Texas Tech - Mike Dunn, DB Southwest Texas State - Charlie Dean, DB Georgia
Jeff Donaldson, DB Colorado - Jeff Fuller, LB Texas A&M - Philip Ebinger, C Duke
Jeff Harper, LB Colorado State - Keith Guthrie, DT Texas A&M - Michael Flagg, DE Morris Brown
Leonard Harris, WR Texas Tech - Van Hughes, DT Southwest Texas State - Chester Gee, DB Duke
Dave Hestera, TE Colorado - Boyd Jones, T Texas Southern - Freddie Gilbert, DE Georgia
Norman Hill, LB Texas Tech - Dave Jones, C Texas - Warren Gray, G Georgia
Terry Irvin, LB Colorado - Don Jones, WR Texas A&M - Derek Gwinn, G Georgia Tech
Chris Kolodziejski, TE Wyoming - Lloyd Lewis, DE Texas A&I - Jimmy Harper, T Georgia
Terry Nugent, QB Colorado State - Eugene Lockhart, LB Houston - Andy Hendel, LB North Carolina State
Vince Rafferty, DE Colorado - Rick McIvor, QB Texas - Terry Hoage, DB Georgia
Joe Ramunno, G Wyoming - Bobby Micho, TE Texas - Winford Hood, T Georgia
Billy Record, WR West Texas State - Kenneth Peters, TE Texas - Vaughan Johnson, LB North Carolina State
Clyde Riggins, DB Colorado - Allen Rice, RB Baylor - Darryl Jones, DB Georgia
Victor Scott, DB Colorado - David Roberson, WR Houston - Clarence Kay, TE Georgia
Jack Weil, P Wyoming - Tommy Robison, T Texas A&M - Jerome Ley, DT Duke
- - - Mike Ruether, C Texas - Guy McIntyre, T Georgia
- - - Ricky Sanders, WR Southwest Texas State - Ron Rice, K Georgia Tech
- - - Adam Schreiber, G Texas - Melvin Simmons, RB Georgia
- - - Adrian Simpson, DB Southwest Texas State - Greg Steele, G North Carolina State
- - - Casey Smith, T Texas - Tommy Thurson, LB Georgia
- - - John Walker, RB Texas - Jack Westbrook, DB Georgia Tech
- - - Dale Walters, P Rice - Ken Whisenhunt, TE Georgia Tech
- - - Jimmy Williams, WR Texas A&M - Felix Williams, WR Morris Brown
- - - Lionel Wilson, QB Houston - Kelly Lowery, QB Florida State
- - - Ray Woodward, DT Texas - Weegie Thompson, WR Florida State
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Tony Brewer, DB Southern California - Steve Bearden, DE Vanderbil - Scott Auer Michigan State
Jeff Brown, LB Southern California - Chuck Coleman, RB Tennessee - Carl Banks, LB Michigan State
Keith Browner, LB Southern California - Leonard Coleman, DB Vanderbilt - Vince Bean, WR Michigan
Fred Cornwell, TE Southern California - Debrick Crawford, WR Memphis State - Mike Boren, LB Michigan
Todd Dillon, QB Long Beach - Clyde Duncan, WR Tennessee - Don Bracken, P Michigan
Michael Harper, RB Southern California - Leonard Floyd, WR Tennessee State - Richard Calhoun, RB Eastern Michigan
David Howard, LB Long Beach - Mike Furnas, G Tennessee - Milt Carthens, TE Michigan
Lionel Manuel, WR Pacific - Smokey Jordan, WR Memphis State - Evan Cooper, DB Michigan
Lee Miller, DB Cal State Fullerton - Steve Knight, T Tennessee - Darryl Dixon, DB Michigan State
Lenny Montgomery, RB Long Beach - John Matthews, T Tennessee - Tom Dixon, C Michigan
Malcolm Moore, WR Southern California - Greg Montgomery, DT Memphis State - Shawn Faulkner, RB Western Michigan
John Puzar, C Long Beach - Randall Morris, RB Tennesse - Nate Hannah, DB Michigan State
Ken Ruettgers, T Southern California - Percy Nabors, DB Memphis State - Tom Hassel, LB Michigan
Rich Sanchez, RB Cal Lutheran - Darrell Nelson, TE Memphis State - Stefan Humphries, G Michigan
Tony Slaton, C Southern California - Robert O'Connor, LB Vanderbilt - Demetrius Jones, DB Western Michigan
Cary Smith, T Pacific - Russell Phillips, T Tennessee State - John Lott, DB Michigan
Todd Spencer, RB Southern California - Phil Roach, WR Vanderbilt - Rod Lyles, LB Michigan
Chuck Walker, TE Cal Lutheran - Ken Sample, G Vanderbilt - David Marshall, LB Eastern Michigan
Kirby Warren, RB Pacific - David Scandrett, LB Tennessee - Steve Smith, QB Michigan
Tom Wilkes, DT Cal Lutheran - Curt Singer, T Tennessee - Daryl Turner, WR Michigan State
- - - Glynn Streno, C Tennessee - - -
- - - Mark Studaway, DE Tennessee - - -
- - - Golden Tate  Tennessee State - - -
- - - Lenny Taylor, WR Tennessee - - -
- - - William Thomas, DB Vanderbilt - - -
- - - Willie Twyford, DT Vanderbilt - - -
- - - Stan Weaver, P Memphis State - - -
- - - Reggie White, DE Tennessee - - -
- - - Johnny Williams, DT Tennessee - - -
- - - Cedrick Wright, DE Memphis State - - -
- - - John Bond, QB Mississippi - - -
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Vaughn Broadnax, RB Ohio State - Jerald Baylis, LB Southern Mississippi - Kevin Baird, DB Stanford
Joe Dooley, C Ohio State - Clinton Berry, T Louisiana State - Dale Barthel, LB Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Rich Erenberg, RB Colgate - Jim Boyle, T Tulane - Steve Brown, WR Stanford
Carl Howard, DB Rutgers - Bud Brown, DB Southern Mississippi - Jim Clymer, TE Stanford
Cookie Jackson, DB Mississippi State - Garrett Chase, DB Grambling - Sherman Cocroft, DB San Jose State
Thad Jamison, WR Ohio State - Alex Clark, DB Louisiana State - Jeff Deaton, T Stanford
Kenneth Johnson, DB Mississippi State - Eugene Daniel, DB Louisiana State - Clyde Glover, DT Fresno State
Bernard King, LB Syracuse - Jon English, QB Tulane - Bobby Johnson, RB San Jose State
Danny Knight, WR Mississippi - Tony Good, RB Southern - David Lewis, TE California
Garcia Lane, DB Ohio State - Robert Griffin, WR Tulane - Greg Lobert, T California
Orlando Lowry, LB Ohio State - Glen Howe, T Southern Mississippi - Randy Pratt, K California
Mike Morini, T Colgate - Rydell Malancon, LB Louisiana State - Henry Ramelli, T San Jose State
Marty Murphy, DE Colgate - Bruce Miller, DB Southern Mississippi - Eric Richardson, WR San Jose State
Bill Roberts, T Ohio State - Mitch Montgomery, TE Grambling - Ron Rivera, LB California
Rowland Tatum, LB Ohio State - Edward Scott, DB Grambling - Byron Smith, DT California
Blaise Winter, DE Syracuse - Robert Smith, DE Grambling - Carl Sullivan, TE San Jose State
George Wonsley, RB Mississippi State - Clemon Terrell, RB Southern Mississippi - John Sullivan, DB California
Brent Ziegler, RB Syracuse - Elton Veals, RB Tulane - Gene Underwood, DB Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
- - - Clint Wenzel, DE Tulane - Clemont Williams, DB California
- - - Stephen Wilson, G Southern - Vaughn Williams, DB Stanford
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Cliff Abbott, LB Tulsa - Tyrone Anthony, RB North Carolina - Tim Agee, DB West Virginia
Ernest Anderson, RB Oklahoma State - Kevin Baugh, WR Penn State - Duane Barnes, G West Virginia
Tom Baldwin, DT Tulsa - Todd Blackledge, QB Penn State - Dwight Collins, WR Pittsburgh
Steve Ballard, DE Tulsa - Brian Blados, T North Carolina - Mike Dahl, G Pittsburgh
Thomas Benson, LB Oklahoma - Joe Conwell, T North Carolina - Tom Flynn, DB Pittsburgh
Rick Bryan, DT Oklahoma - William Fuller, DE North Carolina - Steve Hathaway, LB West Virginia
Scott Case, DB Oklahoma - Greg Gattuso, DT Penn State - Troy Hill, DB Pittsburgh
John Chesley, TE Oklahoma State - Harry Hamilton, DB Penn State - Rich Hollins, WR West Virginia
Dewayne Downing, WR Oklahoma - Ron Heller, T Penn State - Jeff Hostetler, QB West Virginia
Dwight Drane, DB Oklahoma - Kenny Jackson, WR Penn State - Mike Johnson, LB Virginia Tech
James Dunlap, LB Tulsa - Tom Kilkenny, LB Temple - Vince Johnson, G Virginia Tech
Rueben Eckels, WR Wichita State - Scott Radecic, LB Penn State - Ben Lawrence, T Indiana Univ. of Pa.
Keith Estes, WR Tulsa - George Reynolds, P Penn State - Bill Maas, DT Pittsburgh
Roderick Fisher, DB Oklahoma State - Tim Riordan, QB Temple - Tony Magnelli, C Pittsburgh
James Geathers, DT Wichita State - Mark Robinson, DB Penn State - David Marvel, LB Virginia Tech
Daryl Goodlaw, LB Oklahoma - Kevin Ross, DB Temple - Joe McCall, RB Pittsburgh
John Green, WR Tulsa - John Shigo, LB Lehigh - Jim Merritts, DT West Virginia
Larry Green, TE Langston - Mark Smith, WR North Carolina - Kenny Moore, DB Indiana Univ. of Pa.
Michael Gunter, RB Tulsa - Scott Stankavage, QB North Carolina - Steve Newberry, DB West Virginia
David Hersey, TE Tulsa - Jon Williams, RB Penn State - Dave Oblak, DT West Virginia
Elwyn Holt, LB Wichita State - - - - Kevin Owens, T Kutztown State
Anthony Jones, TE Wichita State - - - - Tony Paige, RB Virginia Tech
Paul Parker, G Oklahoma - - - - James Patterson, DE Virginia Tech
Chris Rockins, DB Oklahoma State - - - - James Robinson, LB Virginia Tech
Jackie Shipp, LB Oklahoma - - - - Eric Shubert, K Pittsburgh
Bob Slater, DT Oklahoma - - - - Mike Shaw, TE Virginia Tech
James Spencer, LB Oklahoma State - - - - Alonzo Smith, TE Virginia Tech
John Truitt, DE Oklahoma - - - - Jim Sweeney, C Pittsburgh
Brett White, RB Tulsa - - - - Ray Weatherspoon, DB Pittsburgh
Billy Wilson, DB Wichita State - - - - Al Wenglikowski, LB Pittsburgh
- - - - - - John Frank, TE Ohio State
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Alfred Anderson, RB Baylor - Ray Alexander, WR Florida A&M - Shawn Benson, G Maryland
Ricky Askew, TE Rice - John Benson, LB Florida A&M - Dom Blasingame, TE South Carolina
Mossy Cade, DB Texas - John Bostic, DB Bethune-Cookman - Ray Brown, DE Clemson
Billy Cannon, LB Texas A&M - Rufus Brown, T Florida A&M - Dave D'Addio, RB Maryland
Craig Curry, DB Texas - Alphonso Carreker, DT Florida State - Boomer Esiason, QB Maryland
Bruce Davis, WR Baylor - Randy Clark, DB Florida - James Farr, G Clemson
Preston Davis, DB Baylor - Dwayne Dixon, WR Florida - J.D. Fuller, LB South Carolina
Doug Dawson, G Texas - Dewey Forte, DT Bethune-Cookman - Ricky Hagood, DT South Carolina
Robert Durham, LB Houston - Roy Harris, DT Florida - Willie Joyner, RB Maryland
Jitter Fields, DB Texas - John Hunt, G Florida - Pete Koch, DE Maryland
Cyril Friday, LB Southwest Texas St. - Tony Lilly, DB Florida - Howard Lewis, DB Virginia
John Haines, DT Texas - Wilber Marshall, LB Florida - Kevin Mack, RB Clemson
Eric Holle, DE Texas - Fred McCallister, LB Florida - Rod McSwain, DB Clemson
Mark Johnson, G Baylor - Wilford Morgan, TE Bethune-Cookman - Edgar Pickett, DE Clemson
Donald Jordan, RB Houston - Wayne Peace, QB Florida - James Robinson, DT Clemson
Mark Lang, LB Texas - Reggie Sandilands, WR Bethune-Cookman - Rusty Russell, T South Carolina
Jeff Leiding, LB Texas - Bruce Vaughan, DB Florida - James Scott, DT Clemson
Duane Losack, T Houston - Lee Williams, DT Bethune-Cookman - Ron Solt, G Maryland
Dwayne Love, RB Houston - Mark Militello, WR Duke - Harry Venezia, T Maryland
Mike Luck, RB Texas - Mike Grayson, RB Duke - Quentin Walker, WR Virginia
Kirk McJunkin, G Texas - - - - - -
Gerald McNeil, WR Baylor - - - - - -
Mark Miller, LB Texas A&I - - - - - -
Eddie O'Brien, RB Angelo State - - - - - -
Jeff Paine, LB Texas A&M - - - - - -
Joel Rios, DT Rice - - - - - -
Tim Staskus, LB Southwest Texas St. - - - - - -
Karl Watson, LB Texas Southern - - - - - -
Scott Wedell, K Texas - El Paso - - - - - -
Ed Williams, DE Texas - - - - - -

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