A UNIQUE CONCEPT introduced by USFL founder David Dixon was the idea of a "Territorial Draft."  Each of the league's 12 teams would be assigned a certain number of colleges and universities in its vicinity (though "vicinity" was a broad term - The University of Nebraska, for example was Boston Breakers territory while Tennessee and Oklahoma were both New Jersey Generals country in 1983), from which they could select a number of players without them being subjected to the regular USFL collegiate draft.  The idea was simple:  get players to sign with their "local" USFL team, and in turn attract fans to watch their "local" college players play in the pros.

Players were not chosen on a round-by-round basis.  Instead, each USFL team submitted a list of players (up to 26 in 1983) to the Commissioner's office, claiming exclusive USFL rights to negotiate with those players.  These lists for 1983 are below, with players ordered alphabetically.
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Mike Black, P Arizona State - Joe Beazley, G Alabama - Jack Belcher, C Boston College
Ron Brown, WR Arizona State - Gary Bramblett, G Alabama - Todd Brown, WR Nebraska
Bryan Caldwell, DE Arizona State - Melvin Brown, DB Mississippi - Michael Corbat, G Harvard
Mike Carter, RB New Mexico - Jeremiah Castille, DB Alabama - Roger Craig, RB Nebraska
Mark Diamond, K Northern Arizona - Bob Cayavec, T Alabama - Victor Crawford, DB Boston College
Andre Francis, DB New Mexico State - Jackie Cline, DT Alabama - Paul Farren, C Boston University
Willie Gittens, RB Arizona State - Dennis Collier, DB Auburn - Doug Guyer, LB Boston College
Al Gross, DB Arizona - Tony Dalton, G Mississippi - Wilbur Jackson, T Massachusetts
Mark Hicks, LB Arizona State - Jeff Fagan, RB Alabama - Brad Johnson, C Nebraska
Jim Jeffcoat, DE Arizona State - Bob Harris, DB Auburn - Russell Joiner, LB Boston College
Mark Keel, TE Arizona - Mike Harmon, WR Mississippi - Gary Kowalski, T Boston College
Jeff Keiwel, G Arizona - Steve Herring, C Mississippi - Mitch Krenk, TE Nebraska
Mike Langston, DE Arizona State - Scott Homan, DT Alabama - Scott Lafond, G Massachusetts
Kevin Magee, WR New Mexico - Robbie Jones, LB Alabama - Steve Lively, G Boston College
Vernon Maxwell, LB Arizona State - Peter Kim, K Alabama - Allen Lyday, DB Nebraska
Glenn McCormick, C Arizona - James Lane, LB Alabama State - Mike Mandelko, G Nebraska
Alvin Moore, RB Arizona State - Eddie Lowe, DB Alabama - Bruce Mathison, QB Nebraska
Tony Neely, DB Arizona - Christopher Martin, LB Auburn - Jeff Merrel, DT Nebraska
Dave Osborn, QB New Mexico - Steve Mott, C Alabama - Scott Nizolek, TE Boston College
Glenn Perkins, LB Arizona - Pat Phenix, T Mississippi - Garry Pearson, RB Massachusetts
Mike Richardson, DB Arizona State - Mike Pitts, DE Alabama - Junior Poles, DT Boston College
Chris Schultz, T Arizona - Bishop Reeves, C Auburn - Dave Rimington, C Nebraska
Ron Sowers, G Arizona State - Earl Stewart, LB Alabama State - Rich Shrigley, TE Boston College
Ron Thomas, LB Northern Arizona - Andre Thomas, RB Mississippi - Randy Theiss, T Nebraska
Kevin Ward, WR Arizona - Tommy Wilcox, DB Alabama - Jamie Williams, TE Nebraska
Ron Wetzel, TE Arizona State - Russ Wood, TE Alabama - Toby Williams, DT Nebraska
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Larry Alleyne, LB Northern Illinois - Hassan Arbubakrr, DE Texas Tech - George Achica, DT Southern California
Charles Armstead, DB Illinois - Curtis Bennett, WR West Texas State - David Brown, RB Pacific
Rich Barrent, G Northern Illinois - Charles Briscoe, DB West Texas State - Joey Browner, DB Southern California
Mike Bass, K Illinois - Mike Call, G Colorado State - August Curley, LB Southern California
Dennis Bishop, DB Illinois - Ray Cone, LB Colorado - Byron Darby, DT Southern California
Darryl Byrd, LB Illinois - Ken Dean, DB West Texas State - George Dunlap, DT Pacific
Phil Carter, RB Notre Dame - Rick Farnsworth, DT Wyoming - Riki Ellison, LB Southern California
Bob Clasby, DE Notre Dame - Robin Ham, C West Texas State - Ken Faul, LB Long Beach State
Joe Curtis, RB Illinois - Anthony Hutchison, RB Texas Tech - Anthony Gibson, RB Southern California
Dave Duerson, DB Notre Dame - Craig Johnson, QB Wyoming - Clint Hampton, DT Southern California
Tony Eason, QB Illinois - Richard Johnson, RB Colorado - John Harvey, DT Southern California
Mark Fischer, C Notre Dame - Robert Johnson, DB Colorado - Russ Jensen, QB California Lutheran
Dan Gregus, DE Illinois - Dave Joeckel, C Texas Tech - Darren Long, TE Long Beach State
Chris Hinton, T Northwestern - Steve Martinez, WR Wyoming - Bruce Matthews, G Southern California
Tony Hunter, TE Notre Dame - Victor McGee, QB West Texas State - Pat McCool, TE Southern California
James Johnson, DE Western Illinois - Charlie Pattison, DT Wyoming - Darryl Moore, T Southern California
Adam Lingner, C Illinois - Andy Poremba, DT Colorado State - Don Mosebar, T Southern California
Mike Martin, WR Illinois - Joe Porter, T Colorado State - Joe Murray, G Southern California
Larry Moriarty, RB Notre Dame - Jeff Raikes, WR Colorado State - Glen Shough, LB California Lutheran
Bob Pratt, G Northwestern - Gabriel Rivera, DT Texas Tech - Jeff Simmons, WR Southern California
John Stadnik, T Western Illinois - Clevel. Robinson, DB West Texas State - Tim Sullivan, LB Southern California
Jerome Stelly, WR Western Illinois - John Salley, DB Wyoming - Kelly Thomas, T Southern California
Tom Thayer, G Notre Dame - Mark Shoop, DE Colorado - Rodney Weber, DB Cal State - Fullerton
Oliver Williams, WR Illinois - James Williams, TE Wyoming - Troy West, DB Southern California
Mark Zavagnin, LB Notre Dame - Stan Williams, LB Texas Tech - Tim White, WR Southern California
- - - Earl Wilson, WR West Texas State - Rod Williams, DB Southern California
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Ray Bentley, LB Central Michigan - Bill Bates, S Tennessee - Steve Booker, LB Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Marion Body, DB Michigan - Mike Casteel, DT Tennessee - Gill Byrd, DB San Jose State
Novo Bojovic, K Central Michigan - Mike Charles, DT Syracuse - Reggie Camp, DE California
Bonjiovanna Bonner, DB Eastern Michigan - Ted Cirillo, T Syracuse - Steve Clarkson, QB San Jose State
Keith Bostic, DB Michigan - Mike Cofer, LB Tennessee - Scott Darrow, K Fresno State
Winfred Carraway, DE Michigan - Alex Falcinelli, K Rutgers - Rich Dixon, LB California
Anthony Carter, WR Michigan - Gerald Feehery, C Syracuse - Mike Dotterer, RB Stanford
Smiley Creswell, DE Michigan State - Willie Gault, WR Tennessee - Chris Dressell, TE Stanford
Craig Dunaway, TE Michigan - Steve Haworth, DB Oklahoma - John Elway, QB Stanford
Tony Ellis, RB Michigan State - Lee Jenkins, DB Tennessee - Henry Ellard, WR Fresno State
Paul Girgash, LB Michigan - Kenny Jones, TE Tennessee - Mariet Ford, WR California
Otis Grant, WR Michigan State - Weldon Ledbetter, RB Oklahoma - Wes Howell, WR California
Ali Haji-Sheikh, K Michigan - Mike Miller, WR Tennessee - Brian Hawkins, DB San Jose State
Terry Hawkins, RB Michigan State - Joe Nett, G Syracuse - Kevin Jones, LB Fresno State
Derek Hughes, RB Michigan State - Rod Pegues, RB Oklahoma - Tim Kearse, WR San Jose State
Ted Jones, WR Michigan State - Bill Pickel, DT Rutgers - Tim Lucas, LB California
John Leister, QB Michigan State - Darryl Songy, DB Oklahoma - Maomao Niko, OL San Jose State
Mike Lemirande, LB Michigan - Richard Spitzer, T Rutgers - Stephon Paige, WR Fresno State
Steve Maidlow, LB Michigan State - Chris Wampler, DT Tennessee - Gary Plummer, LB California
Bob Phillips, WR Western Michigan - Mike Weddington, DE Oklahoma - Chris Rose, T Stanford
Tom Piette, C Michigan State - Steve Williams, G Oklahoma - Harvey Salem, T California
Lawrence Ricks, RB Michigan - Darryl Wilson, WR Tennessee - Rich Stachowski, DE California
Joe Stevens, DE Michigan State - Stanley Wilson, RB Oklahoma - Ken Thomas, DB San Jose State
Rich Strenger, T Michigan - Chet Winters, RB Oklahoma - Vincent White, RB Stanford
Robert Thompson, DB Michigan - Keith Woetzel, LB Rutgers - Fred Williams, DB California
Duane Wilson, T Western Michigan - Dave Wolf, LB Colgate - Gary Wimmer, LB Stanford
- - - - - - - -
Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University . Player, Position College/University
Walker Lee Ashley, DT Penn State - Troy Anderson Bethune-Cookman - Cliff Austin, RB Clemson
Mark Battaglia, C Penn State - Val Brown, LB Florida - Dan Benish, DE Clemson
Reggie Brown, WR Temple - Harvey Clayton, DB Florida State - Gary Brown, G Clemson
Kelvin Bryant, RB North Carolina - Darryle Crane, WR Bethune-Cookman - Gurnest Brown, DT Maryland
Joel Coles, RB Penn State - Ivory Curry, DB Florida - Brian Butcher, G Clemson
Bill Contz, T Penn State - Chris Faulkner, TE Florida - Rod Caldwell, DT Maryland
Dave Drechsler, G North Carolina - Dan Fike, T Florida - Pat Chester, DB Virginia
Gregg Garrity, WR Penn State - Warren Hanna, DB Florida State - Mike Corvino, DT Maryland
Ralph Giacomarro, P Penn State - Tony Hayes, LB Florida A&M - Bubba Diggs, TE Clemson
Roger Jackson, DB Penn State - Fernando Jackson, LB Florida - Mark Duda, DT Maryland
Sammy Johnson, DB North Carolina - Spencer Jackson, WR Florida - Andy Headen, LB Clemson
Ken Kelley, LB Penn State - Alonzo Johnson, DE Florida A&M - Homer Jordan, QB Clemson
Dave Laube, G Penn State - Andra Jones, DB Albany State - Terry Kinard, DB Clemson
Mike McClearn, T Temple - James Jones, RB Florida - Frank Magwood, WR Clemson
Mike McCloskey, TE Penn State - Wayne Jones, DB Bethune-Cookman - Bob Mayberry, T Clemson
Dave Opfar, DT Penn State - Nathaniel Koonce, QB Florida A&M - Jeff McCall, RB Clemson
Dave Paffenroth, LB Penn State - Clyde Mackey, RB Albany State - Chuck McSwain, RB Clemson
Guy Peters, DT Temple - Frank Middleton, RB Florida A&M - Mike Muller, LB Maryland
Kevin Phelan, WR Delaware - Zeke Mowatt, TE Florida State - Dave Pacella, T Maryland
Greg Poole, DB North Carolina - Mike Mularkey, TE Florida - Andrew Provence, DT South Carolina
George Schmitt, DB Delaware - Nate Newton, T Florida A&M - Johnny Rembert, LB Clemson
Peter Speros, T Penn State - Dan Plonk, G Florida - Rich Scherer, TE Richmond
Ron Spruill, G North Carolina - Billy Rolle, DB Florida A&M - Harry Skipper, DB South Carolina
Chris Ward, LB North Carolina - John Whitaker, DT Florida - David Sullivan, T Virginia
Curt Warner, RB Penn State - Ricky Williams, RB Florida State - John Tice, TE Maryland
Mike Wilcher, LB North Carolina - Tyrone Young, WR Florida - Dan Triplett, LB Clemson

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